Pro Deal

We're Pro-Pro Deals

Whether you’re a rugged outdoor industry professional or you identify more as an avid indoorsman, we could all use a little more comfort in our lives. We’re proud to offer a special pricing program for our industry friends and corporate discount partners. Please fill out the form and we’ll contact you via email once you’re approved. If you already have a account, please contact with your details.

If you work at a retailer that carries Rumpl, please include a photo of your Field Guide. If you don't have a Field Guide, speak with your manager and they will supply one.

Disclaimer: Rumpl reserves the right to deny an application at our discretion (like if you try to Catfish us). These deals are for personal use only; no gifts or reselling. We reserve the right to terminate a pro deal account if you get naughty. By completing the application you are opting into all Rumpl marketing communications (they’re great, you’ll love them almost as much as you’ll love our blankets). All Pro Deal sales are final. No returns or exchanges.