More sand proof than a beach mat, Rumpl blankets and groundcovers are treated with a DWR shield to keep dirt, water and sand off, giving you a perfect crash pad during a sunny day at the beach, without getting sand where you don’t want it.


Family sitting on a Rumpl Puffy Blanket on the beach


Large beach blankets let more people in on the fun. The 2-person Puffy blanket is big enough to fit two adults, or a whole bunch of kiddos when they’re taking a break from building (then destroying) sand castles.


Sand between your toes? Awesome. Sand between your cheeks? Not so much. Whether you’re looking for a sand proof beach blanket, shammy towel or poncho, our products keep you dry and cozy from head to toe (and all those places in-between).

person walking on the beach and using Rumpl Shammy Towel

Customer Reviews

BUY IT!!!!

"Just Do It! Honestly hands down the best, warmest, comfortable blanket I have ever owned! This blanket has gone everywhere with us, drive in movie theaters, camping, hunting, picnics, used on the sofa during winter months, beaches, everywhere! Anywhere we go the Rumpl blanket is always packed and ready to go with us! It was so worth it we bought another one!"

Victor - December2017


You can't go wrong with this puffy, whether you rock it around your body, in your bed, or keeping the groundcover cozy, you won't regret it. Wish I could afford one in every color, and then an extra to give to someone else.....
You want the best in a blankie? This is it.

Kara - April 2017


I got one of the throw sized this summer and it is so soft, light, cozy and the right amount of fluffy! My dog, Cedar, loves it as well and frequently lays on it in the van bed in the shade or to relax after a river swim. When she’s wet after a swim, it helps protect the van bed from her wet doggieness. It doesn’t attract her fur and has machine washed really easily with no show or wear and tear yet. I also love the loops sewn in around the edges for easy hanging to create an outdoor wall or window cover when camping or for style points when hung as well ;) can’t wait to cuddle up in it this winter for snow camping!

Taryn - August 2018